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Wear and Friction LNP™ LUBRILOY™ Compounds

Recently introduced technology has expanded the portfolio to include lubricated compounds in PBT and PPA.  

This patented technology offers wear and friction performance similar to PTFE-lubricated grades without the use of intentionally added PFAS containing materials.

The LNP LUBRICOMP™ compounds were among the earliest to offer wear and friction performance in a fully compounded, internally lubricated thermoplastic. In 1994, SABIC introduced the first in a series of LNP LUBRILOY products, a newly patented lubricant technology. This unique technology offered cost effective wear and friction performance using a proprietary alloy. 

Portfolio now includes PBT and PPA LUBRILOY Compounds

SABIC expanded this technology to commonly used resins such as polycarbonate, nylon, acetal, and PPE. Recently introduced technology has again expanded the portfolio to include lubricated compounds in PBT and PPA, with other high temperature resins on the horizon.

LNP LUBRILOY Lubricated Compounds Features
Similar performance to traditional PTFE lubrication

  • Non-halogenated lubrication
  • Lower density vs. PTFE filled materials
  • Excellent surface finish and colorability
  • Similar performance to traditional PTFE lubrication

Wear Factor Comparison
LUBRILOY Compounds and PTFE Lubricated Compounds

LUBRILOY COMPOUNDS Grades, Base Resins, Features, Applications


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