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Discover Custom Net Zero Solutions

SABIC'S Specialties Business strives to be a trusted global partner jointly tackling Net Zero challenges and supporting customers, decarbonization and circularity goals.

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Net Zero Strategy

Specialties carbon footprint reduction approach focuses on three avenues:

  • Carbon Neutral Assets
  • Circular Products
  • Environmentally focused solutions

SABIC's Specialties Business as a trusted global partner jointly tackling Net Zero challenges while delivering profitable business growth and supporting customers' decarbonization and circular economy goals.

Circular Product Portfolio

Products containing resins derived from upcycling of post consumer wastes.

Properties equivalent to virgin polymers with drop-in processing profiles and color space

Explore our upcycled portfolio grades

Products incorporating mechanically recycled resins and/or fillers from PCR or PIR sources

Properties close to virgin-like properties

Explore our mechanical recycled portfolio grades

Products using bio-based feedstock that is not in competition with the food chain.

Properties equivalent to virgin resins without needs for requalification based on certified mass- balance approach.

Explore our bio-based portfolio grades

Upcycling of post consumer wasted PET into LNP™ ELCRIN™IQ Products

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