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The electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is growing rapidly throughout the world. While the use case for many EV’s will be supported by charging while at home or at work, it will not fix range anxiety for many drivers on extended trips. The advent of fast charging is upon us and will aim to be as comparably convenient to filling a car with gas today. DC fast chargers can charge your EV battery by up to 80% within 15 to 30 minutes.

As charging infrastructure continues to evolve to meet these needs, materials selection will be more and more important. Helping ensure that your equipment connector housings can meet useful life performance requirements and aesthetics using our LNP™ ELCRIN iQ resins to managing thermal conductivity in the terminal holder with LNP™ KONDUIT™ compound, SABIC’s Specialty materials may be able to provide further value to your design.

SABIC’s specialty materials can provide excellent impact performance, weatherability and chemical resistance, helping EVSE manufacturers create safe, long-lasting supply equipment to support the expansion of the EVSE infrastructure. Design and predictive engineering capabilities are also available throughout your application development process.


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