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Established in 1964, Ushio Inc. is a leading manufacturer of light sources (such as lamps, lasers, and LEDs) ranged from ultraviolet to visible to infrared rays. Ushio produces optical equipment and cinema-related products that incorporate these light sources. The company also makes products for the electronics field (such as semiconductors, flat panel displays and electronic components) and the visual imaging field (including digital projectors and lighting). In recent years, Ushio has become involved with the life science industry, including medical and environmental applications.


Ushio’s new disinfection module with Care222 technology, uses Far UV-C filtration system and operates at a peak wavelength, 222nm. The wavelength is known not to penetrate past the outer layer of our skin and eyes. They were challenged to identify an advanced material that could maintain excellent mechanical strength, demonstrate flame retardant properties and keep surface appearance under harsh Far UV-C (222nm) light exposure. SABIC delivered a comprehensive solution for the inner housing component of the Far UV-C module which included ULTEM™ 1000 resin, a high performance polyetherimide (PEI) material that met Ushio’s stringent requirements, and material validation support from SABIC’s technology center in Moka, Japan.


  • Long-term heat resistance (RTI>170°C) withstanding UV-C exposure 
  • Color and transparency retention, less deposit via UV-C exposure compared with other high heat polymers
  • Outstanding dimensional stability at a wide temperature range, as well as improved balance of mechanical strength and ductility, which could enhance reliability and extend the usable life of the Far UV-C light 
  • High flow capability for greater design freedom and cost-efficient injection molding of complex components
  • Inherent flame retardant performance, without adding any flame retardant agent, achieved UL94 V-0 performance


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