NORYL GTX™ Resin GTX9600

NORYL GTX9600 is an unfilled, high heat, chemically resistant blend of polyphenylene ether (PPE) and polyamide (PA) that exhibits superior low-temperature ductility. This injection moldable resin is designed for evaluation in applications that require both high heat resistance, for exposure such as E-coat or paint baking, as well as low-temperature ductility for cold weather impact. NORYL GTX9600 may provide ductile impact behavior down to -40°C. Automotive applications including electric vehicle battery protection and body-in-white energy absorption structures, should consider evaluating GTX9600 as a potential solution. Additionally, other applications that require performance at both high and low temperatures should also evaluate its suitability.

Product Family


Polymer Family

  • Polyphenylene Ether + PA (PPE+Nylon)

Processing Technology

  • Injection Molding