NORYL GTX™ Resin NX0031

NORYL GTX NX0031 resin is a non-reinforced alloy of Polyphenylene Ether (PPE) + Polyamide (PA). This conductive, injection moldable grade exhibits high heat resistance, excellent chemical resistance, and high impact resistance. This grade carries a UL94 flame rating of HB at 1.5mm along with a UL746C Outdoor Suitability rating of F1. NORYL NX0031 resin was designed for electrostatic painting and powder coating without the need for a conductive primer. This material can also be solvent painted and is an excellent for candidate for exterior, painted applications such as trim and fairings for outdoor vehicles, motorcycle, heavy truck, bus, personal watercraft, and marine. It is available only in black.

Product Family


Polymer Family

  • Polyphenylene Ether + PA (PPE+Nylon)

Processing Technology

  • Injection Molding