PPE reactive chemistries SA90

NORYL™ SA90 resin is a low molecular weight bi-functional oligomer with increased hydroxyl functionality based on polyphenylene ether (PPE). It has the potential to be used as a reactive component in epoxy and cyanate ester thermosets in electronics, coatings, adhesives, and composites applications. It has outstanding solubility in toluene & methyl ethyl ketone(MEK) and a low solution viscosity. Potential application areas include enhancing the performance (e.g. thermal, dielectric, mechanical, flame retardancy, and moisture uptake properties) of epoxy resins used in electronic packaging which include PCB laminates, copper clad laminates, epoxy prepregs, and protective coatings as well as various other composites applications. NORYL SA90 resin can also be blended with thermoplastic elastomers and cured elastomers, which may support the enhancement of certain properties.

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