PPE reactive chemistries SA9000

NORYL™ SA9000 resin is a modified, low molecular weight, bi-functional oligomer based on polyphenylene ether (PPE) with vinyl end-groups. It is well suited for use with other unsaturated monomers and resins which cure via free radical reactions. These include styrenic, allylic, acrylic, maleimide, methacrylic, and unsaturated polyesters monomers and resins. It has a low solution viscosity and outstanding solubility in toluene & methyl ethyl ketone (MEK). Key application areas are in electronic packaging which include PCB laminates, copper clad laminates, non-epoxy prepregs, and adhesives. The use of NORYL SA9000 is especially advantageous in insulating materials where very low dielectric properties and decreased moisture absorption are required.

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  • Free Radical Cure